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Plate Etiquette 

I did not know this.  

The fungus is wrong with rich people ‘hey do you want a second plate’ no i want to make up a secret passive aggressive fork language so we can titter mockingly at that rube from the country who says he enjoyed the meal with his fornicating mouth

a secret passive aggressive fork language i can’t breathe


Kiseiju Movie part 1

Mysterious worm-like aliens fall from the sky. They penetrate through the ears or nose into human beings and live off their brain while dominating the body. Now with human appearance, the parasites live among humans.

Cast Shota SometaniAi HashimotoEri FukatsuMasahiro Higashide

Info , video

Holy hell, I never thought this underrated manga would get an anime adaptation, let alone a live-action movie. And now Parasyte has both!!



leg refences

Reblogging this not only for artists but also for people who write werewolf (and other animal transformation) fiction.  If a human turned into a wolf, their knee joints would not reverse— what some fic writers mistake for the knee is actually the ankle.  A wolf’s hind feet are relatively long, and they are always walking in way roughly analogous to human “tip-toeing.”

This goes for bird legs too. A lot of artists mistake a bird’s ankle for a backward knee, with really awkward and painful-looking results. Even the film Black Swan perpetuates the “bird legs are like human legs with the knees backwards” misunderstanding.

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