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Same dude who has been bitching at me for days that sexism isn’t a real problem in gaming immediately admits he only finds Samus interesting so far as he wants to bone her.

I barely respond and he just keeps on going and going. This is why I don’t block people; free comedy show.

What baffles me about these entitled jerks is that they have no problem playing 90% of their games as a generic burly white guy protagonist, despite the fact that they probably don’t want to bone the male character. But if the player character they don’t want to bone happens to be female, SUDDENLY it’s a huge problem. These sexist whiners would at least be consistent if they demanded that all male game protagonists be replaced with scantly-clad female protagonists, so that every single game would be something they could masturbate to at all times. But no, it seems they’d rather ignore the proliferation of interchangeable male characters by complaining about the handful of female characters that don’t cater to every single one of their sexual fantasies.


Tumblr Follow Limits: 
Tumblr enforces two limits on how many blogs you can follow:

  1. You can follow no more than 200 blogs per day on Tumblr.
  2. Overall, you can follow no more than a total of 5,000 blogs on Tumblr. Once you follow 5,000 blogs, you would have to unfollow some blogs to start following additional blogs.

These limits only apply to you following other blogs. Tumblr does not limit the number of people who can follow your blog. In other words, there is no cap on your blog’s follower count. These limits only apply to how many blogs you can follow each day and in total.

I’ve never gotten close to following 5,000 blogs, so that makes the sudden dropping of hundreds of blogs from my follow list even stranger.


Dern!  I hit Tumblr’s limit for number of blogs I’m able to follow.  To everyone I choose to follow from now on, this means I’m deleting a blog for you.

Wait, is there actually a limit? Half a year ago I was following 2,000+ blogs, but lately that number has inexplicably dropped to somewhere in the low 1,000s. And it’ll climb as I add more blogs, and then it’ll suddenly drop by a hundred or so again. I don’t understand what’s going on.

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